Meeting facilitator, trend hunter, connector of people & ideas, pilot & world traveler. National Geographic magazine captured me early in life and I was smitten with the urge to explore and travel. I’ve traveled to and experienced 120+ countries, all 50 United States and all 13 Canadian provinces and territories.

  • MPI International Meeting Planner of the Year
  • “One of the Most Influential People in the Meetings Industry” (Meeting News)


Customer Advisory Board/Think Tanks

Strategic feedback and advise from customer thought leaders helps improve and leverage sales, marketing and operational activities. We create and facilitate think tanks which reveal industry trends and innovative business models, foster meaningful relationships with key customers and create groups of respected and well known ambassadors.

Leadership Coaching

Effective leaders commit to lifetime learning. We work with C-Suite executives to increase self-awareness, improve professional relationships and expand organizational potential.

Guest Experience Analysis and Reporting (Secret Shopper)

Analysis and detailed documentation of guest experiences to guide and enhance hotel, airline and cruise line product and services and improve efficiencies.


The Kliman Group's mission is to help organizations transform their businesses by mining and implementing customer feedback.

We offer a proven track record in the creation, facilitation and management of customer advisory boards designed to develop new and innovative business models.

COVID-19 completely disrupted the tourism industry. In addition, global growth and innovations such as AirBnb have created the need for new business models in the travel and events space. Sales and marketing ecosystems were once the primary domain of tourism organizations. Now social media influencers and shared economy companies are top of mind with many consumers and decision markers. These changes have put overwhelming financial pressures on tourism organizations and created an urgent demand for business model evolution. Rather than fearing these forces, now’s the time for leaders to use customer feedback to build new foundations for long-term innovation, growth and sustainability.

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